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June 15, 2007



Starting with the actual problem rather than the question, then my personal viewpoint is that talking in that enviroment is as important as the actual act of prayer. Surely meeting in Gods presence to discuss what is on your heart is prayer.
Maybe by having the statutory 5 minutes at the end you are clouding the issue over. Maybe 5 minutes silence at the end would actually be more benificial. You would have petitioned God in your open conversation and then you can recieve in that time. Although I wouldn't advocate that the best way!
I have always found it really silly that we sit there and discuss all this stuff and then close our eyes and bow our heads and just repeat it all with flowery language as if God only listens to us when we do that! :-)

I am aware that this isn't a direct answer to the actual question! but felt I should add my tuppence worth!

David Keen

Andy Bastable's blog (http://www.andybastable.com/) has a couple of recent entries on this topic, and seems to take the 'all this spiritual warfare language is just an excuse for not taking responsibility' line.

With Romans 7, it's not just the devil who doesn't want us to pray, our human nature resists it too. Sometimes prayer is work, and we're lazy, and know (or think we know) that we have a Boss who won't fire us at the first sign of slacking.

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