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June 21, 2007


Malcolm Mathew

Dear Richard, on the subject of praying into difficult decisions, I wondered if the following might be helpful: an extract from a letter about praying for Iraq.
Dear L,
I'm just walking along the Thames, and I had one of those moments of
understanding or revelation I think. How does this sound...I was wondering why
it was that God so clearly answered our prayers about mortars and so on, and
then later on it is like he forgot or something, and the bad guys get up to
their old tricks again. Now if God let's man have freewill, that includes the
freedom to do bad things that hurt people. Why doesn't he stop them? Because
that would interfere with their freewill, but he dearly does want to intervene,
and bring peace and healing to the world. That's where prayer comes in: because
as we ask God to bring his love into a situation, we are in a way setting our
freewill (to pray) against the will of the bad guys or the bad situation
whatever it is. So this enables God to act, because he is then allowing us
freewill to pray, and balancing this against the freewill of the bad guys. So I
think this means that we should pray all the more strongly, and in whatever
numbers we can, to kind of overbalance the evil, and so let God do what he loves
to do.
Does this sound like it's from the Lord?
Lots of love, M

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