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March 05, 2007


Jamie G

Thanks for the link. A great resource.
But while I was browsing it, I had a slight check - am I feeding my mind too much?

What I mean is that I've been hanging around churches for a long time now. I've heard a lot of great sermons. I've been among an intellectually well fed bunch of Christians. But by and large, in my own life and, it has to be said, the lives of those around me, I don't see all of this valuable knowledge being put into practice all that often.

I don't want this to sound negative. God's certainly at work in our congregation and the congregations around us. And, yes, we're a nice bunch of people. But then so are most social groupings in our part of London - they're full of nice people. The challenge for us is to actually live what we are being taught. Not necessarily the complex stuff ...that will come...but more the basics.

Perhaps we should have a 'no teaching' month (making an exception, perhaps, for new Christians, who are hungry to learn and generally tend to do quite well putting what they've learned into practice). A month of no more teaching; just putting the teaching we already know and have assimilated into practice in our shared lives together. The big danger for those of us who've hung around church for a few years is that we can mistake the gaining of knowledge for growth and discipleship.

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