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January 12, 2007


Jamie G

The slow leadership piece lost me almost immediately:

"That’s hardly true today. Nearly everyone has a wide choice of work, limited only by their educational background and skills—and even those can be changed and improved with a little effort."

I think the author must live in some sort of closeted enclave inhabited by just highly priveliged smart people. I'd guess that the educational opportunities available to most people in this country are relatively limited, as is the choice of career. To re-train or go back to studying is hardly 'a little effort'.

"Work is not only an integral part of life, it can—and should—be an enjoyable and fulfilling part. A wage packet alone is not a sufficient reason to go to work."

I think it's fantastic when work is enjoyable, and I'm very lucky that I enjoy my work. But I understand that for many it's not, and the options for change are limited. I'd argue that a wage packet is a sufficient reason to go to work if you have a family to support. I admire people who work in hard, unrewarding jobs in order to house, clothe and feed their families. Yes, if they are unhappy, by all means find a more rewarding career, but I won't pretend this is trivially easy as the author of this post does.

Richard Frank

You've got a point Jamie...

I think he's writing with a very particular (rather select) audience in mind at that point and I completely agree with your assessment.

On the other hand, I still think that the rest of his piece is worth perservering with - he's got a refreshingly clear way of approaching issues to do with priorities and balance and what that means.

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