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December 12, 2006


David Bryant

I always thought a good name for a Dawkins critique would be "The Blind Author"

Jamie G

Hmmm, McGrath is solid, but his prose has a worrying tendency to be chunky and dull. Can someone encourage him to sparkle it up a bit?

Also, the shame is that any rebuttal has a very slim chance of ever being read by any of the 100s of 1000s of 'normal' people who have bought Dawkins' book. I just wonder how interested people are in the actual arguments? I think it's a bit like party politics. My suspicion is that very very few voters sit down at election time and weigh up the policies of the various parties before making their choice. They have a party political alleigance already, and thus marshall the various bits of evidence in support of the position they already hold. It's extremely rare to find a genuinely open minded person (with the possible exception of that group of people who have precisely zero interest in a topic).


Did anyone see "The Trouble with Atheism" on Channel 4 (Monday 18th). Rod Liddle (hardly a card carrying Christian) did a good job of pointing out all the weaknesses and hypocrisies in the Atheist world view. Appearances by Dawkins, McGrath, Polkinghorne and many others ensured a good level of debate. Unusually Dawlins did not come out smelling of roses. If anyone is interested I have a copy on my PVR.

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