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October 02, 2006



I thought that as I spoke about this book the other Sunday, I would put my thoughts down here!

I have become a little bored of Closer to God (and that would mean trying to pack a Bible and notes into the laptop case) and so this book seemed ideal; short Scripture passage and notes all in one handy little pack.:-)

I tend to boot-up my laptop as soon as I get on the train and then start reading the next passage from this book. Each day, there has been something to encourage or make me think about my walk with God. I am throughly enjoying my daily reading being something slightly different.

The only thing that initially got me were the bold words scattered throughout the narrative - being the geek that I am, I kept wanting to click on them like hyperlinks until I realised that they must mean something: at the back is really useful glossary that gives further clarity to what Tom Wright is saying.

After I've read the book, I tend to either listen to the sermon (again) on my iPod, or some praise music whilst tapping away on my laptop. Makes the journey from Kingston to Waterloo seem a little shorter...

This book is worth a try.

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