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October 05, 2006


Al Bird

Nicely framed Richard. For my part I think the concepts of who's 'right' and 'wrong', and particularly the idea of 'conversion' gets hackles unhelpfully raised on both 'sides' of this argument - and leads to positional stances which inevitably can't be proven one way or another - at least not in the empirical sense of scientific method.

That's what I sense leads Dawkins to his rants (but equally pushes him to irrational and untenable positions which I don't buy).

I like Richard's analogies of falling in love and gardening. I'm personally not interested in 'winning an argument' or necessarily even 'converting' anyone with an entrenched point of view - just to understand for myself how the world works and why faith is essential to filling the void behind our overgrown gardens. Science and Christianity both work for me.

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