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October 03, 2006


Jamie G

I bought MacGrath's book and tried reading it. In fact, I've tried reading it several times. I've no doubt that he has intellectual rigour in spades, but his rather leaden prose weighed heavy and I couldn't make much progress, alas. Perhaps I need to try harder.

I find these discussions really important, but I don't tend to get involved because I find that both sides don't really tend to answer the questions the other is asking.

It would be great if a christian with a thorough knowledge of modern biology, some intellectual rigour *and* a readable writing style could write something on this topic.

david bryant

I saw the interview with Dawkins. Interesting how Dawkins overlooks the faith element in his own scientific beleifs e.g. his high expectation in the effects of random genetic mutation.

Al Bird

Excellent thoughts - thanks. This is the first I'd heard of either book, so I'll add to my reading list and see how far I get wading through Dawkins' ranting bigotry & MacGrath's leaden prose (!). This is exactly where my head's at at the moment. I actually attended some of Dawkins' lectures at college, and while I've always been in awe of his passion for science and gift for public speaking, his dogmatic departures into attacking religion never sit quite right with his otherwise 'rational' thinking. I'd yet to find a suitably informed repost to his rants, so looking forward to understanding McGrath's view...


I didn't see the interview so I comment from a somewhat ignorant position:

On Richard’s remark about wishing that Dawkins would enter debate with a strong Christian faith who also happened to be an eloquent arguer.
I remember in my youth seeing Billy Graham appearing on a Russell Harty lunchtime T.V show. Before he’d got on Russel and his other guests were mocking Christianity somewhat, but once Billy got on he reduced them to embarrassed, gibbering wrecks…
I remember spending large amounts of my time, particular as a student, having fervent debates with non-Christians about why I was right to believe in God and they were wrong not to.
But is anyone converted through a strong, well constructed argument?

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