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September 08, 2006


Jamie G

I think you've hit the nail on the head.

What Seth says doesn't apply hardly at all to genuine Christianity. Real Christianity is nuts.

We follow a saviour who is full of surprises. God's wisdom isn't at all like our 'wisdom'. Look at the incarnation - the ultimate example of 'foolishness' - the saviour of the world appearing how??

So often it seems our attitude in the Church is to try to seize control - OK God, thanks for starting things off, but we'll take it from here. So armed with the wisdom of marketing gurus like Seth, the latest in deep theological insight from the greatest thinkers on postmodern Christianity, and our fingers firmly on the pulse of the electronic age, we feel we can do a better job than God....whereas God has been busy at work all along, and we've not been able to still ourselves and pick up on the work he's already initiated and invited us to participate in. I'm not suggesting we should be deliberately 'foolish' (and we should welcome insights from those with a genuine understanding of our current culture), just that God's full of surprises, things are rarely the way they seem to us, and we put him in a box or try to tame him at our peril - it's as if we feel he was caught napping by recent cultural developments, didn't foresee the age of the internet, mobile phone and postmodern thinking, and that he needs our help and support in this rather God-unfriendly culture we find ourselves in.

Al B

I find this really quite compelling - exploring the link between modern management gurus (marketing, leadership etc.) and religion... at least from a 'practical' point of view of how gurus learn lessons from the successful features of other large-scale organisations (e.g. organised religion) - and how the Church in turn could potentially apply modern approaches to 'leading' its own people and 'marketing' its own message in today's culture.

All this avoids the much less practical point of 'faith' though. I agree with Jamie's eloquent note that 'Real Christianity is nuts' and clearly on an entirely different wavelength beyond our understanding. There must be myriad and mysterious ways of leading the Church and spreading the Word beyond the tips and tricks of today's funky gurus.

A more provocative exploration of the same concept is the 'memes' idea of the not-so-Christian-friendly don Richard Dawkins. He'd also examined this idea of religions 'spreading' like a virus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viruses_of_the_Mind

Clearly dogmatic scientists like him have a totally 'practical' view of the world with no room for 'faith' - but that's probably the subject of a different thread entirely...

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