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February 06, 2006



Come on Richard, get the sermon outline out here! ;-) I want to read your thoughts on this one!


Thanks Richard, the sermon was certainly thought provoking. Two things struck me. First the idea that God created THEM in his image and therefore the male and female reflect God's character together. Second, the idea that God created male and female to work together - to 'help' one another - be it in marriage or work or whatever. Really good stuff.

jamie G

Perhaps a slightly different perspective. I think there's a trend in some intellectual circles to see gender as some sort of social construct. That is, it is the expectations and differential treatment of boys and girls through their development that makes them 'male' and 'female'; in effect, it's something parents, teachers and society creates.

But consider biology, and not just the different 'bits' male and female bodies have. There's some really interesting research on how male and female brains work differently - largely because of the effects of sex hormones. Far from gender being a social construct, biology suggests that the pattern in society is in fact reflecting a more fundamental biological difference.

I guess this frees us a bit more to celebrate the differences of male and female, and the various aspects of each gender, while valuing both equally.

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