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February 02, 2006


Richard L

The whole guidance issue raises several interesting questions, some of which you've hinted at:

1. Do we think there is just one thing that we're meant to be doing at any stage, and everything else, good as it may be, is at best second best? i.e. Is God's plan a detailed itinerary?

2. Does God treat us more like adults as we grow older in Christian maturity i.e. as time goes on he tells us less and less about what we're to be doing, because he knows he can trust us more to make wise choices?

3. Is "exactly what God wants" always a time, a place, an activity? Or is it more about attitude, character, relationship?

4. Is "right" vs. "wrong" the best set of scales on which to weigh our choices? This does imply an answer to Q1 i.e. that there is a "right choice". I have spent far too much time worrying after asking the right\wrong question e.g. about whether I should have got ordained, and whether this was the "right" curacy.

What about wise vs foolish? Trusting\Courageous vs. fearful?
Risky vs. safe?
God-fearing vs. man-fearing?
Self-sacrificing vs. self-seeking?
Character-building vs. character stagnating?

Weighing up the choice to puruse ordination and come to this parish ... was it

Wise? (I think so)
Trusting? (yes)
Risky? (massively)
God-fearing? (yes)
Character-building (hugely)

But these are answers in retrospect. I couldn't have known that at the time.


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