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January 17, 2006



Love the quote about the boat. I remember reading a book once entitled 'passion for Jesus'. It was good, but on reflection I think that any Christian teaching that focuses on our passion for God, or our love for God, or our seeking of God, has basically got things wrong. Isn't it about his passion for us, his love for us, and his seeking of us? Unless we start there, things are going to be a bit wonky.

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Thanks for the great quote. It reminded me of a similar line of thought from Maria Boulding:

"All your love, your stretching out, your hope, your thirst, God is creating in you so that he may fill you. It is not your desire that makes it happen, but his. He longs through your heart. Your insufficiency and your forgetting to long for Him are no barrier. In your prayer God is seeking you and Himself creating the prayer; he is on the inside of the longing.”

I've enjoyed visiting your site. Rick Lord+

Richard Frank

Thanks Jamie & Rick for your comments.

Jamie - you're right, I think, that focus on "our passion for Jesus" can become just another "work" we have to do to be "right with God", whereas Grace says it's brought about in us by God's passion for us - just as Rick's quotation from Maria Boulding makes clear - great quote too.

Richard L

Great quotes ... I love that quote of St Exupery's - "the yearning for the wide, boundless ocean." Kind of sums up the spirit of pilgrimage that Psalm 84 speaks of.

Quite "coincidentally" my vicar asked me to look at the website for St Luke's Cranham last week as the kind of thing we might develop for ourselves here at St Stephens (where I'm curate).

Richard (Pilgrim's Progress)

P.S. Do you have an RSS or RDF feed for your blog?

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