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November 18, 2005



I think you are spot on, Richard. The issue itself is not the issue here. Reading about Coekin's actions, I felt a sense of sadness. I get the sense that he's missed the point - he's taken a confrontational, political stance that seems to have left the path of other-centred love - even if the other in this case is your boss who you feel is making wrong decisions.

I couldn't agree more with your thoughtful, insightful and wise analysis of the whole episode.


well said richard


Good stuff.As someone who was sponsored for ordination by Southwark, I've been following this story with sadness. Thankyou for your helpful words.


Thank you for posting this Richard (I arrived via maggi, just so you know)...As one who would probably been seen as belonging on the "other side" of the evangelical/liberal divide, it was reassuring and helpful to read such thoughtful comments. Recently on my blog I aired my ambivalence about the impact of the Reformation, in that it was, istm, a launch pad for this progressive migration to ever purer church, with all the attendant pain, a situation which you've reflected in your final sentences above.

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